Mission and Events

Upcoming Events:

1.  April 18th - Saturday - Annual Fund Raising Dinner - Speaker: Martin Kaempchan     of Viswa Bharati, Santi Niketan, India. 

2.  May 2nd- Saturday- Annual picnic/membership drive jointly with HDBS in Bear Creek park (Pavillion # 5)

3.  May 10th-Sunday -  Rabindra Jayanti Celebartion jointly with Balgla Deshi Association   in HDBS Sur Auditorium. 
4.  July 8th- Wednesday- Tagore Grove Celebration - Ray Miller Park - Evening function                                                   

The  Mission:

 To extend appreciation and share the universality of Tagore's thoughts, ideals and philosophy. 

 To promote unity in diversity of cultures and to advocate the totality of human civilization.