TSH EB Election 2015-2016

Dear TSH Members,
Please note that the following two members have withdrawn their names for 2015-2016 TSH EB Election
1. Sanchali Basu - Nominated for the position of General Secretary 
2. Saikat  Ghosh  - Nominated for the Position of Vice President.
Based on these e-mails, related to withdrawal of names from nomination, the following members will be considered elected uncontested: 
1. Debleena Banerji - President
2. Mila Sengupta - Vice President
The following candidates were nominated for the position of Treasurer:
1. Shibir Chowdhury
2. Ashish Patel
An election will be held on November 22, 2015 (between 10 am and 2 pm) at HDBS Sur Auditorium Lobby to elect the 2015-2016 TSH Treasurer by secret ballot.
Since Sanchali Basu was was the only member who was nominated for the position of General Secretary and because she withdrew her name from nomination, this position of General Secretary will remain vacant for the time being and will have to be filled in per requirements of the TSH Constitution, at a later date.
With best wishes,
Salil Sarkar
2015-2016 TSH Election Commissioner