Rabindra Jayanti

Aaji hotey shotoborsho porey

Ke tumi porichho boshi aamar kobitakhani

Koutuhol bhorey"

- Rabindra Nath Tagore

Foresaw his poems, literature and world vision transcending barriers of time and impacting, inspiring, influencing generations in the future. And So they have. In celebrating the birthday of this unexampled phenomena of the 20th century, Tagore Society of Houston in its annual Rabindra Jayanti program, continues to re-embrace and reinvigorate the visions of Tagore in Houston in the 21st century. Rabindra Jayanti is a program about Tagore, celebrated as close a date to his birthday 25th day of Boisakh in the bengali calender ( 8th or 9th of May ) as we continue to discover something new about him - a new interpretation to a popular poem, a fusion version to a well known song, an essay that we did not read before, a painting we did not stop to admire.

Please join us every year as we celebrate Rabindra Jayanti, to stop, rethink, reinvigorate and reenergize in the beautiful words and global visions of this great bard.